IPTV Reseller

Now you have the opportunity to become a reseller for us, and make your own money!

The advantage of becoming a reseller for us is

  • 24/7 support.
  • Premium IPTV channels with very high quality.
  • Cheap prices.

IPTV reseller packages

Questions And Answers

How do i become an IPTV reseller?
As a reseller, you need to buy credits for € 200. This amount is used when creating subscriptions. If the credits end then you can refuel.


What do i get after i become an IPTV reseller?

As an IPTV dealer you will get

  • Own admin portal, where you create subscriptions and free trial accounts.
  • Your own web shop (when refuelling with € 600).

What is your reseller prices?

We have very high quality IPTV channels, and also low reseller prices. With us you will maximise your profit

1 month subscription = 10 credits = €10
6 months subscription = 35 credits = €35
12 months subscription = 50 credits = €50


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